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Free real-time GPS Tracking


GPSShield is an award winning software (Top 10 finalists for best app in Dubai Smart City Apps competition), designed for families and businesses to enable them to feel safe and track any device from a central location.GPSShield has so many innovative features that will enable you to feel secure and protected, not only that, it enables you to help the community finding missing persons because we have our unique feature of reporting missing people.
Have you ever wanted to know where is your spouse, kids or employees ?! imagine your kid is traveling to another city or another country, wouldn’t you prefer to track her/his location?!
Ever wanted to protect your spouse and know her/his location to feel safe?!
Do you have a delivery team or sales force and want to track them on the go?! Ever wanted to avoid complaints from customers about delayed deliveries?!
GPSShield is the answer, GPSshield is a small software that is Android/iOS compatible, once installed you add devices to the (Shielded) device list and start tracking them.
GPSShield has so many features including:• Device locking, no one will be able to uninstall the application or modify its settings• Report missing, if a tracked person is reported to be missing, you can report this, once reported, we will determine the location and people who has the application installed around this area of 2KM diameter and send and alert with this missing person details, helping you finding this missing persons or children.• Enable Wireless Data continuously (Android).• Enforce App lock and uninstall lock, preventing users from changing settings or uninstalling the app (Android)• In-point tracking, meant to retrieve the last reported location of the device (Android/iOS).• Real-time tracking, mean to retrieve the location of the device over time and see its route (Android/iOS).• Aid Activities:• Wipe Device• Enabled forced answers, meant to automatically answer the call if received from the account owners phone number.• Record call with tracked devices.• Geo-fence, meant to alert account owner if tracked devices leaves a region.• Landing zone, meant to alert account owner if tracked device reaches certain area.• Offline data storage, if the device is not connected to the internet, the device will store the data locally on the device and upload them to the server once connected to the internet, this will ensure that even if the internet has been intentionally disabled, admin will always know what happened.
GPSShield comes in free version to track one device, if you want to track more devices or track from a centralized web dashboard, you can purchase family pack or business packs